Hi guys

Is anyone doing or can anyone recommend a half for June or July? I have heard that there maybe one in The Cotswolds. 

Provisional Basic Race details 
Date 26th June 2011 +/-1wk (To be finalised) 
1.9km OW Swim 
56mile Flat-ish fast and picturesque bike (2lap) 
13mile flat run on a mixture of scenic trails and tarmac (3lap) 

Anyone keen? Definitely open to other suggestions too but looking to do one in the UK!


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i might be keen! Im thinking of doing the 70.3 in Zurich on 5th June, but then another a few weeks later might be good. Im also looking at entering the Vitruvian, which is pretty much a 70.3, but is at the beginning of September and at Rutland water.
Great! I have signed up for Berlin marathon in Sept so I am out for The Vitruvian. I will keep an eye out for entry etc and for other UK ones - although Zurich sounds fun!
I know the UK 70.3 is in the middle of July - a few of the guys (Martin and Oli ...) did that last year and can let you know how they found it. I know the bike is really hilly!!


There are also ones in the New Forest that are quite long and challenging and take place at various times over the summer


Im tempted by the Swashbuckler!!! (can you tell Im planning my race calendar too!!)
UK 70.3 is a Great event & course with nothing but hills, you're either going up or down one at all times
Swim leg is competitive with just a 1hr cut off - Hundreds of DNF's every year.

Soldout months ago of course so its academic

I'm almost certainly at doing the Marshman 70.3 triathlon in May
Its in the Kent Romney Marshes (technically englands only desert)
A nice loop around the two nuclear powerstations and best of all completely PANFLAT

There is also the well established ForestMan in the Newforest June but again you have to be a strong swimmer as its against a tide.
I did Cowman in Milton Keynes two years ago and thought it was a good race. In 2011 it's on July 3. http://www.big-cow.com/public/race.aspx?id=1356

I also highly recommend Vitruvian in September. I'm planning to do it again next year as well as Antwerp in July.
I want to do Antwerp again, but its the weekend before London, and so I don't think I'll be recovered in time. The Marshman and Cowman sound interesting options though.
Hi Louise,

A friend and I are attempting to do the Antwerp Half which is flat and hopefully more easy going than the UK Half.

You can find details here http://www.antwerpironman.be

best Harry
So the Cotswolds one is actually happening and is on 26 June.... http://cotswold113.com/site/

Im quite tempted to enter ..Im doing the Marshman 70.3, Zurich 70.3, London and Vitruvian.....but could squeeze it in I think instead of the Cowman....

Hi guys, 


Hope you are all having a great Christmas.


Thank you for all the suggestions. I might try for the Cotswolds on the 26th. Entries are limited to 250, its a postal entry (the old snail mail!!) and they open on Jan 1st. If I don't manage to make the cut for that one I will try for the Marshman. Forestman is on the same day as the Cotswolds so maybe another alternative?? I would love to do the Alpe d'Huez at the end of July but just a bit too close to marathon time for me. Maybe the year after!!


I officially got the okay from the physio two weeks ago to start running and training again so hopefully see you at training in the new year!



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