Please order it kit by Friday 23 March.

All details can be found on the kit page which is under the home tab.

We will have a club page with IMP after this for new people or if you want more kit, but it will be more expensive as you won't get the bulk discount.

Kit will take about a month to arrive.

Happy Ordering!!

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I spent all my money about 4 minutes after I read the newsflash :) 

I could do with my WTC cap out here in the alps, sun is shining!

Make sure you all get some for the Sunday rides! Style is everything!

Windrush cycle caps in Clinical lab trials have statistically been proven to make you faster - this is fact.

Guys make please sure you have decided on everything windrush kitwise you want for the up coming season & completed your orders by the end of this weekend.

Now closed.

dam, thought it would be open until the end of the weekend.

Hurry Up! - I'll give you 15minutes!


i'll do it now hold on!! thanks!!

There is always one!!! Well apart from the two men who ordered female kit...

Who on earth did that...

Not me, I was late but not gender confused.... I think 

humm.. can someone kill John Scotter?

I'd do it but i'm about to throw myself off a bridge

No more orders please guys,

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